Valentine Herbal CSA

May you nourish your mind and body this mid-winter. All items are alcohol free, great for kids. Box includes...
Tulsi Glycerite: Tulsi basil infused in organic glycerite. Tulsi is one of those gifted plants that goes to where you body needs it best. It uplifts the heart and supports our entire system. (1 oz bottle with dropper)
Heart Calm Elixir: An herbal elixir formulated to support a calm and steady presence, made with rose petal and motherwort.  We enjoy it by the spoonful or added to water or seltzer.
Tempest Elixir: A Dandelion Spring customer favorite, this elixir has evening primrose, lembalm, and mountain mint in an apple cider vinegar and honey base. It is smooth, bright, sweet, and has a little kick all at once. We add these powerful plants to our water or simply take little swigs. (4 oz bottle)
Tulsi Tea: Our whole leaf dried tulsi basil tea. Calming. We drink it all day. (1 oz)
Calendula-Citrus-Sage Soap: Farm grown calendula and sage infused in olive oil. Made from a base of organic olive, palm, and coconut oils, rain water and sodium hydroxide. Scented and colored with pure plant essence, herbs and clays. 100% vegan.
Each item can be used as much or as little as your body calls for. For example, you can use the Calm Heart elixir every day, or simply when you feel called for a soothing herbal treat.


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