November-December 2021

We are offering two herbal packages that include herbs rich with collected sunlight and the vibrancy of healthy soil. We strongly believe that connecting to plants can help support our physical and mental bodies. Both package options will be available for pick-up in Maine on December 8th (Portland and Bowdoinham) or 9th (Rockland and Bowdoinham) or shipped on those same days.

Herbal Calming-Balance Package

Herbal Immunity Package


Special Herb Feature

Anise Hyssop: Most frequently used as tea. Simply float a few leaves and a flower in a mug, add water, cover, and steep for 4 minutes (aids digestion). // Put some in a cheese cloth or fine piece of fabric and hang from the facet during a bath or shower (calming).

Lemon Verbena: Bright lemon flavor. Use as tea, same directions as above. Add to water when making rice, or soups. In the morning infuse in coconut oil or milk before using those ingredients 12-24 hours later (or more!).

Several years ago I realized that I felt the most at peace and connected in the garden while harvesting the herbs. In particular, the Tulsi basil spoke to me. Since then, the deeper riches of the spirit of Tulsi and the other herbs continue to develop into more significant presences in our fields and business. My traditional training in herbalism comes from the plants, and other humans who have taught me how to be open to my most aware self.

Medicinal and culinary herbs have a lost place at most kitchen tables. We strive to grow an increasing diversity of these plants and help to make them both familiar and accessible to our customers.

Some of our herbs are planted in a formal row style to encourage ease of harvest, while others are being allowed to slowly naturalize to our space

Our Herbal Products

We make small batch herbal products exclusively using plants we grow. We don’t have an online store for these items, but if you purchased something at the farmers’ market that you’d like more of, don’t hesitate to reach out.


*We are not certified herbalists.
May these descriptions support your own healing research & inner wisdom.

How to take a tincture
We recommend taking a half dropperful to a
full dropperful of our single herb extracts, 1-3
times per day depending on how acute your
situation is that the herbs are supporting you
with. Some benefit from 5 drops, while others
prefer the full dropperful.

How to take a glycerite
Use as you would a tincture. If taking for
energetic properties, such as rose for the
emotional heart, small doses hold great
medicine. Just a few drops on the tongue or in
a glass of water can bring in the plant’s
healing ways.

How to take an elixir
Our elixirs fall into the “food herb” category.
Oxymels (apple cider vinegar & honey blends)
are lovely traditional remedies that do not use
alcohol for extraction. They are safe for daily
and semi-frequent use. We enjoy a dollop in
warm or cold water, added to seltzer water for
an herbal spritzer, or a simple tablespoonful in
the morning or afternoon.

How to use topical oils
Intended for external use only, our infused
organic oils may be used independently or by
adding a dropper full to whatever oil base you
like to use on your skin (such as coconut,
jojoba, sesame, avocado, apricot kernel oils)
and applying evenly. For regular use, best after
a hot shower or compress to open the pores.