Winter CSA , Dec. 2023

This year’s Winter CSA (community supported agriculture model) is going back to basics. The original farm CSA was designed for farmers to share what was in season and…

A dream life..

Have you ever realized that you’re living your childhood dream? On this perfect August morning, I realized that I am.. Farming is my occupation. I live in an…

Farming as Labor, Craft, Art.. and Nutrition

A quote I carried around for years begins, “Farming is Labor, Craft, & Art…  “ (Ernest Wilhelm).  I’ve loved those words for their poetic nature, but this morning,…

Community Supported Agriculture

What does it look like? In 2002 Dandelion Spring had it’s early roots on leased land in Appleton, Maine. We printed tri-fold brochures for our first CSA and…

CSA – Pre-Order, How-to

1. Set up an account.  If you haven’t already, go to this LINK to set up an account on this website.  Note the tabs on top – Click…

Winter CSA!

Dear Community, Happy Equinox!  On this day of seasonal shift, we are excited to open our Winter CSA sign-up!  (** This was first written on the equinox! And…

PFAS Update!

Dear Community, ** This entry was posted to our newsletter in September, with more timely PFAS updates added to our Instragram posts and monthly newsletters through the season….

Patagonia & Healthy Soil

The impact of past amendments added to our soil.

Outstanding In The Field

Outstanding In the Field and Chaval Restaurant treated us to a feast of community

Fable for Taproot

Walking The Land