This month we (Lulu and I) were featured in Audiofile magazine

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  • To purchase Pre-packed Vegetable boxes and other farm goods for delivery or pick-up CLICK HERE.
  • To purchase CSA style debit cards to be used for all future purchases at the farmers’ market or pick-up locations, CLICK HERE.

Thank you!  To each of you who showed up last week to our local food system, in whatever way you showed up (buying a box from us, eating a single carrot from another farm, or simply driving past a farm and appreciating it’s existence), you are a meaningful part of our food and farm community.

A few notes on production:  This is generally the leanest time of year for local farms.  We’re running low on winter stocks, the greenhouse greens are about gone, and we’re still weeks away from the earliest spring harvests.  I think the diversity available is pretty amazing given where we are in the calendar and also climate.  And, please be patient with us.  We are distributing the greens and pushing production the best we can.

Grated roots salads are amazing!  Shred those radish and carrots and put on your most spring like dressing.  Your body won’t be disappointed.

At the farm we continue to be healthy and inspired to grow more food.  As an employer, I’m starting to navigate shifts to support our team if they need some mental health space, or more time at home to care for a child.  I’m increasing our paid leave policy, and am trying to be a “yes” person to meet both staff and customer needs.  I’ll admit, as an owner I’m being pushed more than I normally am this time of year.  These extra layers of care encourage me to be even more transparent about our every day.

What are we excited about?  Two new greenhouses are currently under construction.  We purchased all of the material last fall and then ran out of time before winter.  It is exciting to have this project in action!

What are we grateful for?  Collaboration.  I’m witnessing projects worked on jointly by U. Maine extension, MOFGA, and Maine Farmland Trust take hold in our community. 

What are I nervous about today?  Our new pre-box model has currently filled the gap of our restaurant sales.   What will happen come June going forward?  Will your interest and our time allow this model to be sustainable? 

I’ll probably say it more than once.  Endurance is in my pocket.  As a farmer I’ve been practicing shifting for years.  This time is certainly like no other any of us have experienced, but we’ve strength here in Maine – in us as a community, in the soil, and the sky.  Here’s to another week of staying strong.

Good health to all of you,
Beth and team

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