Nutrition for You, Home delivery

Dear Community,

Here are the farm we are doing all of the same things we can to keep us and you safe, that you’ve been reading about in the many emails of transparency businesses are posting.

Firm believers that nutritious food is a driver to health, we want to continue to make our produce and herbs available to you.

And in that vein of transparency, half of our business comes from sales to restaurants.  Our cash flow has been impacted significantly and will likely continue to be.  We need to keep selling produce.

Here is where to find us and how you can help:

  • Keep yourself safe.  Practice frequent hand washing.  Don’t touch your face.  Have loving awareness of your neighbors.
  • For now, the Portland winter farmers’ market will continue at 631 Stevens Ave from 9-1 on Saturdays.  Find us there.
  • Want contact-less delivery?  We are dropping boxes of food and herbal remedies in Portland (Wednesday) and Rockland (Thursday) this week.  Time window offered feel too short?  Let us know your ideal.
  • Extended delivery zone: We will also deliver to Bath, Brunswick, Falmouth, and Yarmouth.  And all points in close proximity to Rt. 1 between Wiscasset and Rockland.  It is our gift to you.  Please include the optional $25 donation, if you’re comfortable doing so.  (I’ll email you with approximate delivery times once orders are received).
  • Nutrition for others: Well stocked by want to extend local produce to our community?  We want to increase our donations to Preble St. resource center.  You can help us to do so.

Follow all of the above links or connect here to our online ordering platform.  As always, we are incredibly grateful to share this space with you, especially during these uncertain energetic times.  If there is anything we can do to help support you, please reach out.  We are feeling cautious in our moves in this world, but are also healthy and strong.

With respect,

Beth and team  

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