Rockland Market

The Collective Soup Pot

In this time of calendar shift, new light, new direction, it has felt important for me to start the year in a place for holding. The idea of an energetic container is a reoccurring theme in my personal conversation that in the past I’ve also shared with some of you. Just like pulling on the warm socks every day, or replanting the seeds for the tomatoes, it is a conversation I need to return to.

How I hold my space, is how I hold my life. It is the vessel for my body, my thoughts, my emotions. While there is some degree of permeability (a semi-porous vessel) I can make some choices about how much I allow to flow over. There are triggers, unexpected waves that can’t be contained, and in contrast there is the beating heart. I use the container as my safe place to move from. My goal is to expand myself so that I’m open and available from my heart space, grounded in my feet, light above.

The container must be rooted in nature. I learn more, I feel more, if my vessel is in the sounds of nature, and has a wide top open to the sky. The murmurings of human creation can be a distraction. The hum of technology takes me away from the serenity and openness of nature. It is the connection to the sky, the roots, the plants (the dynamism of nature) that fuel me to take the next step.

This is the part of myself that I want to farm from. It is also the part of myself that I hope we all share with each other in food and in words. This is no time to be ungrounded. This is no time to leave the course. More than ever, I’m feeling committed to learning how to share more and be in conversation that is as deep and deeper than the nourishment of the food I offer you.

Let us all fill our literal and inner soup pots to the brim. It’s brisk out there. We can nurioush each other.

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