Standing Rock

The work we focus on as farmers is very grounded in the specific place of our farm and our community. We are striving for better food access, healthy land, and a feeling of peace and safety right here.

Like others with the privilege of living in this modern world, we also look up and outside of ourselves to the national and global news. Starting in the Spring, the news of the events at Standing Rock caught our attention. Over the course of the summer, while we struggled with our lack of water and also an awareness of the copious amounts of water we use in our wash area, I continued to hear Standing Rock updates each morning on WERU’s reporting of National Native News.

After the November election, my listening ear transformed into more of an emotional response. Standing Rock increasing held a weight for me as a symbol for many conversations I feel like we need to be having Nationally. Looking at our newly retired truck sitting in the driveway, the experience of galvanizing our community to a group action of filling the truck brought a lightness to some post-election dark days. A selfish move, and a community based move, sometimes stepping outside of ourselves and our community can bring an incredible wholeness to self.

Many of you donated. Tom, a full time Dandelion Spring farmer, and Annie, who is currently based at Buckwheat Blossom, drove the truck out. Filled to capacity, they made their away long state roads. My aunt, in South Dakota, generously became one local base. Using the connections from Lauren at Swallowtail Creamery and Apothecary, who spent a month at Standing Rock this fall, Tom and Annie were able to bring the truck load of supplies to the Rosebud camp, where they were warmly greeted.

There is great simplicity in our action, and layers of stories that we can unpack at our home.

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