Farm Picnic this Wednesday : last of the season


This Wednesday, September 9th, is our last Farm Picnic of the season. From 4pm until dark, please join us for a relaxed evening of simply sitting around at the farm (you don’t hear that often – or, ever).  It’s free.

  • The Uproot Pie Co. will be here with wood fired pizza for sale.
  • Our farm stand will be open with fresh vegetables, meats, and milk & eggs for sale.
  • Oxbow beer will be available.

We are a community enjoying an evening together, outside. Simple and beautiful.

Our Wednesday Farm Stand will continue to be open every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm through the end of September and then perhaps through October, depending on weather. Please make sure we have your most current email to be kept up to date!

In today’s snapshot of the farm: The winter squash looks really good. We are grateful for these warm days (and regular rain, please come) to size up our winter roots. Another round (or two or more… ) of the cut greens will definitely be in our future.  Cantaloupe and Watermelon are currently at the top of our roost.

Rich conversations with observations of both the present moment and looking forward are starting to replace the constant internal ticker tape that drives the work that needs to be right now. It feels really good to have this expanded view, which can inspire us while we simultaneously put some of the gardens to bed.

We truly hope to see all of you on Wednesday.

– Beth

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