Hams and Lambs


Vegetable Order Link  and Meat Order Link

At the farm the seasonal tides are changing.  We’ve lambs on the ground now, with their fresh faces foretelling of the season ahead.  I can already imagine them running through the dandelions.

This Spring Equinox (and New Moon), also known as the Vernal Equinox, is this Friday, March 20th.  There will be an equal 12 hours of day and night as the sun crosses the equator on it’s way northward.  I bow to this as a time when I feel like the plants truly start to awake from their hibernation.  The word vernal has always sat in me with the emotion of a wooly animal curled up in a quiet slumber.  The dark (waning) phases of the moon bring with it increased inward time.  As we cross through this earth – time landmark on Friday, I can imagine myself starting to reach out, stretching after a long winter of inner work and farm business planning.

HAMS!  Easter often brings families together for beautiful meals.  $9/lb.  Avg. of $5/lb.  Put in your order now.

This coming week you can pre-order food for pick-up:

  • In Rockland @ 3 Crow, 4pm-6pm on Tuesday
  • At the Farm, 3pm-6pm on Wednesday
  • In Portland, Winter Farmers’ Market at 200 Anderson St.

(Or simply show up at the Saturday market any week to select from our display.  The market runs from 9am – 1pm.  AND, *local folks*, feel free to order from this form any week for On Farm Pick-up the Wednesday following your order)

Orders are due by Tuesday at 7am.   Vegetable Order Link  and Meat Order Link

May we all appreciate the abundance of food in our lives,


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