Donations for the Food Pantry.

Happy New Year!

This coming week you can pre-order food for pick-up:

  • In Rockland @ 3 Crow, 4pm-6pm on Tuesday (1.6)
  • At the Farm, 3pm-6pm on Wednesday (1.7)
  • In Portland, Winter Farmers’ Market at 200 Anderson St. (pre-orders will be delivered on 1.10)

(Or simply show up at the market any week to select from our display.  The market runs from 9am – 1pm. )

Orders are due by Tuesday at 7am.  We can’t accommodate late orders.  Vegetable Order Link  and Meat Order Link

This winter we are grateful for our food wealth, and very aware of those who are struggling to get enough food on their plates.  We find that a well fed body is warm and at peace in the world.  Wanting to extend what we have to offer, a representative from the Newcastle Food Pantry is generously picking-up a donation box from us each Tuesday.

Will you help us in matching our donation?  We’re hoping you, our customers, will individually sign-up for each week of the year and make a payment of $50 that we transfer into food for the pantry.  We’ll match each $50 payment with an equal amount of our own, assuring that the pantry gets $100 worth of product from us each week.

Pick the week of your choosing.  (Check out the calendar here to see if your ideal week is free). Or let us simply fill in a blank week.  We are happy to use your name or anonymous as the donor.  Gift for someone’s birthday?  Anniversary?  Ultimately, getting more food on the table of people who need it is the goal.

You can make your donation here:Order Food Pantry Donation

 or mail me a check to Dandelion Spring Farm with a note designating your donation:  30 Brick Hill Rd, Newcastle, ME 04553

I’m looking forward to packing these boxes each week,



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