While in a farmer’s eyes sometimes it doesn’t feel like the height of summer until we are all eating so many tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers we can’t stare another ratatouille in the face – and we aren’t there yet – it’s still feeling pretty darn summery over here.  The tomato plants are now nearly as tall as I am.  The crew did a semi-annual 4th of July toast, each eating our first cherry tomato of the year.  Soon your turn will come, too.


Harvests have been large, restaurants are reporting record numbers of dinners, and the farmers’ markets feel like they are really kicking into gear.  It is always a pleasure to see the return of our seasonal community members complete with stories of their own long winter, and continual amazement of the beauty here.  We agree.  The families we see every week, all year long, are the foundation to what can sometimes feel like summer mayhem.


And then we happily add events!  We love sharing what we do with you, and what’s nicer than a simple invitation to sit down, be it on the grass or a formal dining table, and share a meal?

This Wednesday, July 9th : Picnic time!  4pm-7:00pm’ish.  Uproot Pie Co. will be cooking in the wood-fired oven.  The vegetable stand will be set-up.  Tall Trees Snack shop fills in the rest.  No charge. Relaxed.  Bring a blanket and neighbor.  It’s a simple, lovely, time.

On Saturday, July 12th : Salad Days at Watershed Center for the  Ceramic Arts.  This is our neighbor, with whom we are making a stronger connection with every day.  The intersection between art and agriculture is close to my heart (if not my finger tips).  Please join us for the wonderful event.  All of the details can be found HERE.

Sunday, October 12th : Our 3rd Annual on farm dinner with Fore St. restaurant.  This five course meal has become a highlight of our Fall.  Buy your tickets now:  TICKETS.   In past years we’ve donated the proceeds to Mainly Girls and MOFGA.  This year we are turning the tide a little bit.  Watershed Center of the Ceramic Arts and us share a road in desperate need of repair.  It’s not a fancy request, but the funds will go toward repairing this ground.  It is the literal earth that the milk truck drives over every other day to pick-up our portion of the load, harvest vehicles, market trucks, visiting arts, and good employees travel.

We hope to see you all soon.

-Beth and crew



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