an offering



I think spring is the most beautiful time of year.  Hands down.  I do not get my camera.  I do, however, stop and try to soak it in.  And I did happen to use the phone camera to record this carrot, a gift of winter, that I found while hilling our early potatoes.  (It did not taste good).

What have we been doing?

  • watching BEES (!)  dance with the flowers and in and out of their hives
  • transplanting thousands of seedlings
  • noticing how amazing dandelions are once they go to seed — unbelievable tensile strength in those perfect seed head orbs!
  • direct seeding more plants, including a new batch of greens every 7-10 days
  • watching carefully the color, size, and growth of our transplants.  cold spring soil, which is quite wet in places, has challenged some of our seedlings
  • listening to the sound of wind in the trees (a sure sign of a change of seasons)
  • feeding our new piglets – this is the first batch we will officially be able to certify as organic
  • listening to the morning owl calls while we feed these new piglet friends
  • watering in the greenhouse… again, and again, and again
  • learning to tune out the white noise of the greenhouse fans and instead focus on all of the amazing plant potential those seedlings offer
  • finished building our new 30′ x 144′ greenhouse
  • planted that big new greenhouse baby to tomatoes
  • getting excited about not building greenhouses (two more to go this spring…. smaller, for speciality herbs and flowers).
  • loving watching the perennials we planted last year fill up the front herb garden, and introducing customers to less common herbs
  • harvesting big loads of greens.  especially appreciating the return of spinach to our regular summer line up (a few years ago I had relegated it to a winter only crop)
  • feeling uncertain how we will manage the big greens harvest, and roots, and squashes, and, and, and.. as the harvest list continues to grow.  And  also knowing that every year we manage to get the work done.

I’m sitting at the picnic table, strong lilac scent in the air, starlings making a racket over head, sun on my back.  I really do go through my days taking account of the incredible beauty that is around us.  Spring leaf colors and flowers, and plants during their biggest growth phase, are really the best.  My pocket notebook is also filled with to-do’s, as we are still early into settling into this new season.   The detail holding is incredible.  But so is this lifestyle.



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