Food Today and The Future of Organics


To cut to the food delivery chase: visit our Facebook page for a link to our sign-up for custom order or pre-packed food available for delivery this week.  You can also email us to get on the general mailing list.  We are delivering to Rockland, Portland, and have an on-farm pick-up this week.

Last week a couple of dozen agrarian elders met at Big Sur in California to discuss the future of the organic community.  Each of those in attendance had 30-50 years of organic farming experience.  I read the names of those who attended carefully one by one, wanting to honor the integrity of these good people.  I was surprised myself by realizing that I knew of, or met, at least half of those who were at the meeting.  In thinking about that 30-50 years experience, I both humbled myself in my youth, and felt some strength to know how plugged in to this organic community I feel.

Just last night, Lee and I hosted a dinner party of farmers and farm advocates.  I found myself in the middle of our long table of eight, with my attention going back and forth between the conversations on either side of me.  While to my right was a discussion of health care, to my left was a conversation about a few specific conventional agricultural crop practices and the relationship between those decisions and that of organic growers.  The irony of the conversational overlap was not lost on me.

I’ve been farming full time since the summer of 1998, but only without work for other farmers in addition to my business since 2011.  This growing season will be the first time I’ve farmed on the same piece of soil for four years.  This morning I was feeling that significance, as I start to see myself build systems that until now I’ve only dreamed about, and as I think about that group of agrarian elders, and the depth that was at our dinner table.

This raising food is a continual evolution, as well as revolution.  As always, we look forward to sharing what we’ve got, and are happily engaged in the process of growing more.


– Beth


  1. Beth- You are long overdue a letter… But for now know that I often think of you fondly and with great respect, especially in the past two growing seasons when I have been working part time on a farm that is getting started. You are doing good work.

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