Digging Deeper and Reaching up

Calendar notes:  
-April 6th, Saturday, Open Lamb Day!  10am -3pm
-Winter deliveries 2nd and 4th weeks of April


In the many depths of farming, this winter I feel like I’ve been spiraling in between the practical, get my feet on the ground organizing with what I know, and expanding my own vocabulary of what it means to “farm.”  I’ve been learning about biodynamics on paper and through conversation.  I’ve been thinking about plant spirit medicine and apothecaries.   I’m planning my traditional every day, and seeing openings for new dreams and grounding to work their way in.

What does this really mean?  As the experience of growing plants becomes more rooted in me, so that while there is always more to learn about the bare bones planting and tending, I can also operate successfully on autopilot (more or less.. less if I acknowledge the number of hours I put into planning and communicating with crew).  In the meantime, there is new freed-up energy to understand the next layer of what that plant really is.  How does it feel to be around it?  What does that plant give us energetically?  It is with this awareness that I feel like the next layers of Dandelion Spring can grow.

In the black and white perspective:

In many ways our business will look the same – at the farmers’ market you will still see clean wooden boxes over-flowing with fresh, colorful, produce.  We still will bring consistency, diversity, and as much color and nutrition to your plate as possible.

The second layer is hard to quantify.  I want that nutrition, that energetic nature of the food we provide, to be as rich as possible.  It is the relationship with the plant that feeds me, and that in turn I hope will feed you.

My elevator drop description for people is often that conventional agriculture focuses on the plant itself.  We need corn now!  Organic agriculture focuses on the soil.  How do we create healthy soil so that we can have healthy plants?  Biodynamic agriculture focuses larger universal energy in creating healthy plants.  How can we take that big energy from the sun and moon and universe (think tides!) and the deep energy from the soil, and bring it together to create healthy plants?

I will try to keep you posted with words, in conversation at market, and here, about what I learning, and how I see it affecting the big picture of our farm.  My silence here over the winter has partially been because I’m starting to turn this writing energy outward.  You’ll be able to find an article in a periodical from me early this summer – I’ll let you know when it comes out….

In the today:

This big snow fall means that my goal of working fields by April 1st won’t happen this year.  We will have a packed greenhouse of healthy seedlings, and many other projects to keep us going until we can start turning over soil, but I’m eager to share spring grown food with you.  In the meantime, there are still plenty of carrots and other roots in the walk-in for our April deliveries, and the spinach from the greenhouse has become a daily addition to our diet.

Seagulls are flying and squawking over our snow covered fields.

I have a bottle lamb in the entry that is stirring about, with it’s delightful sounds of tiny hooves on wood echoing up the stairway to my office.

Today we have a meeting with folks from a bank, in the long process of reorganizing farm finance needs.

I have a new building for a walk-in freezer and other considerations to pick away at details for.  And, and….  the work of this farmer is diverse.  I embrace all, but these days, my embrace is especially fueled by sitting a little deeper in my feet.

Thank you for being part of our community.

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  1. You are amazing and incredible. I feel so honored to be able to participate in the Full Diet CSA and look forward to another year of healing through your work with the plants.

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