Happy New Year!


Our look back at 2012 has us reminiscing with smiles

  • Farm picnics held each month during the summer with the Uproot Pie Co. and Oxbow Brewing
  • Full Diet CSA – better community building than we hoped for.  We feel so fortunate that the risk of this new venture only turned up rewards.  We have plans for a repeat, with more families, in 2013!
  • Fore St. benefit dinner for Dragon Farm held at the farm.  This six course meal in a packed, dressed-up, barn was satisfying for guests, farmers, and chefs alike.  The feel of big group participation was huge.  We are hosting a repeat in 2013, for a new benefactor.  Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 13th.
  • So much abundance – vegetables, milk, meat, eggs.  We feel gifted to eat so well, witness the health of soil, plant, and animal, and to share this with you.
  • A willing and able crew – stand out individuals who helped us every day in the field and barns.
  • The returning of Lee’s son, Aran, to the farm full-time, along with his partner, Megan, has been gift.  There is no wonder here why generations of farmers have shared work within a family.
  • A single most memorable moment: We had a calf that had been scared out of her paddock and was loose in the woods.  Lee was able to walk up to her, and she stood steady while he put a halter on (her first halter experience) and quietly walked home.  It was a beautiful moment.
  • Cheese workshops (Brittany!) and fermenting (Andrew!).
  • Peace walk: a wonderful group of men and women resetting the boundaries of the farm
  • And the sad passing of MOFGA Director and local food advocate, dear Russell Libby.

We hold all of this as we move into the New Year.  With grace, with some rest, and a tingling of wonderment about what 2013 will bring.

  1. Beth & Lee, Your dedication to farming with love, integrity, and an understanding of the sacred in all beings has made my family’s experience of participating in the Full Diet CSA a full BODY/MIND/SPIRIT experience! We absolutely look forward to many more years with you two. The love comes through the food!!

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