turnip time, order time


Hi folks,

This is the type of email that typically goes out to our mailing list every other week.  If you’d like to be put on our list, please comment to this post with your email address (we’ll keep the comment private).

This coming Wednesday , December 5th will be a delivery day for everyone who does not pick-up at the farm.
Portland: Monument square, (across from Longfellow books), 7am-9am
Rockland: Hello, Hello bookstore, 4pm-6pm
On farm pick-up: Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm
Orders are accepted until 8am on Monday. 
Late order are likened to when you are cooking and you’ve just put the jar of oats away, on the highest shelf, behind three things, and then need to get them out again later on in the recipe.  Multiply that difficult jar by every late item on your list.  We like efficiency and flow around here!
A plug for turnips.  We’ve got them.  We aren’t sure of their holding quality.  Now would be a great time to fill your bellies with your favorite turnip recipes, or try a new one.  Deborah Madison and her Local Flavors cookbook is providing inspiration today:
Market Ragout of Turnips, Kohlrabi and Kale (our variation)
1. Melt 1 tbs. unsalted butter in a skill and add 6 small onions, 6 or more quartered turnips, 2-3 kohlrabis cut into small chunks, and 1 thyme sprig.  Add water to cover halfway and a teaspoon of salt.  Simmer.
2.  As soon as the vegetable are tender, after 12-15 minutes, add 1 lb of kale, sliced and cook until wilted, a few minutes more.  Stir in a dollop of creme fraiche and a few leaves of slivered sage.  Taste for salt and season with pepper.  Serve this as a side dish or a course by itself.
Looking forward to seeing all of you soon,

  1. Hi Beth,
    The turnips look good! Just wanted to tell you your uncle Dave loved cooked turnips. I had to use his mothers dutch recipe, dutch folks don’t go in for much seasonings. Cook the turnips and put them in a thick cream sauce. She always used too much salt and no pepper. That was it!
    Want to wish you and Lee (hope to meet him some day) a Very Blessed Christmas.
    Love Aunt Nancy

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