Giving Thanks

For being part of a strong, supportive, community.

For all of thoughtful, conscientious individuals in our lives.

For healthy food.

For an expansive mind.

family, friends, produce, livestock.

the sun, the moon.

The Big Big Universe that keeps on spinning, and doling out all of the challenges and beauties that are our every day.

Yesterday afternoon two fine folks and I dug carrots until almost dark.  Kneeling in the soil and talking about life’s pleasures, as well as unleashing a little bit of life’s dirt, felt just right.  The two individuals in the carrot bed with me were both former apprentices, from different seasons, that at least for now have made the midcoast their home.  This mental image, my reality just twelve hours ago, is exactly the kind of community I want to build here.  A respect for the health of the land, systems of food production, the feel of honest work in our bodies, and a place for good conversation.  This morning I’ll hold onto those stories, of taking a hike with pigs in the woods, and musing over carrot and maple syrup recipes, as I head outside for another day of work… of a lifestyle that challenges and feeds me.  And I will step outside feeling so much gratitude for this community and this piece of land.

Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Glad to hear it, Beth! It sounds like your mind, body and spirit are cooperating well together in a really hard time. My thoughts are with you and Lee… All shall be well…

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