a response to tragedy, threats, local news

I feel the watery waves of my mind and my physical body intersect in a place where it is hard to get words out.  The difference is the same as the fox in the chickens.  The dog in the sheep pen.  I’m remembering an instance a few years back when a fox did grab hold of one of my chickens.  The dog ran after the fox.  I ran after the dog.  We all played our parts in the circle.  We were all present.  And, in this instance, in the end we were all fine.  There was recently an event involving a dog in a pen with our sheep that does have a tragic end.

All I can do is report the facts.  Simply.  A neighbor driving by alerted Lee to a dog in our sheep pen.  Lee arrived to find two more neighbors trying to distract the dog from the sheep, where the sheep were running hard.  The sheep showed all the signs of having been running hard for a long time (breathing hard, tongues out, bodies clumped together as they ran).   The dog continued it’s chase and lunge.  911 was phoned.  The dog was put down.  A terrible, tragic, event.  A real event.

This is the real life of a farmer.  Unfortunately, in our care for life, we witness nature in her pure carnal beauty.  Nature, agriculture, and the culture of domestic pets don’t always mix well.  Again, all I can do is report the facts.  Neighbors have told us of the wanderings and attitude of this dog, but that is not what Lee acted on.  The dog was inside our sheep pen, acting aggressively toward our sheep.  One body against 50 bodies.  Nature, and history, tells us that one body would return again.

The owners of the dog have been acting their grief in aggression.  This event happened last Wednesday.  I have not written here because I haven’t wanted to fuel their fire.  I understand grieving the loss of a loved pet.   I can take the phone calls.  I can take the angry words.  Yesterday a tv crew and a newspaper showed up at the farm.  Our lawyer informed us for threats posted on Facebook that compromise our physical safety.  In the grief over a dog, a dog that I would only guess that many of the people who are posting responses over have never met, they are threatening the life of a man.  I can’t stand silent over threats to the well being of my partner.

We are saddened over this event.  I feel sadness for the dog’s owners.  I’m sorry this event happened.  I also know, with a very full heart, that we are consciousness farm owners.  We take good care of our livestock and vegetables.  We work within the constrains of nature, agriculture, and culture the best we are able.  We feel peace in our lives.  We try to be in community in a loving way.  And we will continue to do all of that.  And some people may disagree with our methods.  And to those people – those people with angry words and threats – I only say, were you there?  Do you know the whole story?

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