Settling In

As we move from “the season” into “winter” it is feeling like settling time here at the farm.  Our bodies are still busy with must-do daily tasks and dreams, with a fairly hefty list of fall projects that makes me feel grateful for mild weather.

Two new greenhouse frames sit on the edge of the pasture, waiting to be assembled.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds of roots need to be dug.

But we are moving carefully during these early November days.  After seven months of apprentice and local worker help, there is quiet as we engage each task when we are ready to.  We are taking more time to move our bodies and breathe in ways that is healthier for us.  Yoga.  Dance.  Us crazy farmers.  Eating chard every night, while I still can.

Busy calendars of deliveries keep us rooted in the our-food-is-your-food groove.  Full Diet CSA folks in the mid-coast will continue to see us each Tuesday, and in Southern Maine on Wednesday.  Everyone else will get bi-weekly’ish offerings via email, where you sign-up in advance for what you want, we box and deliver.  (if you are not our list – send an email to to receive info.)

Feels funny not being at the Portland market, while it is still full of dedicated souls, but this transition is just what we needed this year.  We are feeling the wealth of food and community, and balancing home, farm, and harvest needs in a sustainable, for us, kind of way.  I hope your pantries are feeling full.  If not, be in touch and we’ll make sure you connect with us for a meet-up soon.

Grace on the season,


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