Fall Reporting

It is the time of year when I have to check myself often with reminders of the date.  Some crisp mornings, with tree branches quickly becoming bare and frost underfoot, it feels like it could be November.  On other days, when we are working in t-shirts under warm afternoon sun and planting greens and seedlings as if it were spring, I certainly wouldn’t peg the day as being part of October.

We are in transition.  I’m looking ahead to spring, and finding a little push in me to plant and prepare what I can now, for the future.   I’m feeling fall, and the heaviness of bringing in carrots and other roots, like a squirrel filling the coffers for the colder months ahead.  And, I’m trying not to distance my head too far from summer, so with an awake eye I can remember what worked, and what didn’t so I can best prepare for 2013.

Scallions and leeks have been transplanted.  Daikon and carrot fill the cooler shelves.  Onions will likely not be on our grow list for 2013 — but perhaps a former apprentice living in the area will fill those produce shoes.

2013 CSA sign-ups are under way!  Like last year, every $100 purchased between now and Jan. 1 will earn you 15% on your investment.  Simply send a check with your contact info., or find us at market.  Dandelion Spring Farm, 30 Brick Hill Rd, Newcastle, ME 04553

The Full Diet CSA program will accept new members beginning in early winter.

Winter delivery programs will begin mid-November, with our bi-weekly drops to Portland and Rockland.  You can also pick-up here at the farm.  Send us an email at DandelionSpringFarm@gmail.com to get an availability list.

We are still giving three cheers to a very successful season of on-farm events.  Our monthly farm picnics were a blast – a hearty collection of regulars developed as well as a different group of new folks each time.  Every month had a different feel, and really good energy.  We hope you can join us again next season – The UpRoot Pie. Co. with Jess’ mobile pizza oven, and Oxbow Beer made for simple and fantastic evening.

We hosted cheese, fermenting, and canning workshops for our Full Diet CSA folks.  We all learned something each moment.

This fall we cleared the barn and  became the host to two formal dinners.  Our first, with Fore St. restaurant as a benefit for Dragon Farm was so smooth and so much fun all around, the chefs and us farmers have decided to do it again!  Look for a repeat next year, with a different benefactor, on Columbus Day weekend.

Our second dinner, an introduction to the fabulous duo behind Sonnet was more intimate.  All conversation ceased as the table of 15 took their first forkfuls of the lamb ragu.  We look forward to sharing more meals with these talented chefs, at the farm and otherwise, in the near future.

This posting has been sitting in my box for a few days now.. so I’ll post it.  Photos will come soon.. when I can remind myself how to make an album here!

Cheers to you,


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