Milk in Glass – for you, CSA!


Milk in glass jars for CSA members?! Yes!

We are full of inspiration these days.  And with that, also productivity.

Spring came to us early here in Midcoast Maine.  I’ve been fortunate to spend my days with the earliest of arriving apprentices, to enjoy amazing afternoons of planting kale, chard, onions, and salad greens.  We’ve been building more greenhouses, and even wishing for rain.  I think I remark at least every other day, “Is this really April?”

With our community and structures feeling so good, Lee and I have been freed up to spend some time working out the logistics of what we’d really like to do.  We constantly are forming a long list of farm ideals, and then reining ourselves in, with this hope of doing what we already do better.  There is always room for “better” but now we are feeling room for more, as well.

Starting this market season we’ll offer our raw Certified Organic Jersey milk in glass jars to CSA members.  If you are an All-You-Can-Eat member, or a farm stand CSA Credit member, milk will be waiting in glass, for a small deposit.  We’ll still bring our regular plastic jug milk, for non-CSA folks, as well.

And that whole cream milk is so delicious!


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