Flying Into Spring

We are flying into Spring here.  Knowing these high temps are probably just a tease, I’m still letting myself go.. go,go,go into that space of wanting to be preparing ground, clean-up lingering winter projects, push the day light, and night light, all in efforts of growing more food.  Beautiful food.

What’s happening on this here farm?  We are:

  • still taking CSA sign-up’s
  • watching new baby lambs nap in the sun, and romp through the cooler afternoon
  • witnessing greenhouse seedlings grow.. you can almost watch the growth
  • and wondering if we should have planted more by now?
  • wishing we had planted more by now!
  • finishing the tail ends of winter projects (fun – knitting) and work (a new house outhouse, lumber racks in the barn, more apprentice kitchen counter space)
  • looking forward to apprentice arrival in a few weeks!
  • and delivering spinach to every market and restaurant we can – from Camden to Portland!

Good spring energy to all you!


  1. Enjoy these warm days….such a gift! Have been eating your spinach in many meals. With scrambled eggs – yum – start the day with something green!

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