Giving Thanks

Feeling  gratitude for a growing season that gifted the farm with good help, abundant crops, and daily beauty.

I’m still harvesting kale, and spicy mix, and some of the sweetest spinach you could imagine.  Some of this kale is going to our winter delivery groups in Rockland (and soon Portland).  Long Grain restaurant in Camden is a hearty consumer, with food to match.  Thank you, fine customers.

I’m also grateful for these big critters, that albeit needing lots of regular attention, are great barn warmers to match. And the cream in my coffee can’t be beat.

And I’m grateful for the constant entertainment from the boys and girls.  Each morning I wake them up with milk and toast.  Really.  (well, sun made toast).  And they wiggle, and run around like children, and make me smile.

There is so much to be grateful for, here on the farm.  Daily, we try to give you thanks.

  1. Dear Beth,
    a farmer friend of mine shopped with you in August and told about a gold/orange tomato you had that was really really good. I do his tomato starts for him and would like to know what variety it was. gold/orange, not too big but bigger than a cherry. We are in north Florida and are starting our tomatoes now.
    If you remember I would really appreciate it.
    Happy New Year!

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