It is the every day of farming that drives me.  The routine of feeding animals.  Picking produce.  Planning the next steps. Actualizing the next steps.  Feeding myself, and those who surround me.  It is the every day.

This week we brought home 10 pigs, 6 lambs, 2 ewes, and 1 cow from the butcher.

That is a lot of animals.  I do feel a certain weight in my chest with the knowing of that much life having left the farm. On the other hand, I was happily wound-up on my way to market this past Saturday, knowing I had that many more options to feed people.  It was a joy to share the newly butchered half and whole pigs and lambs with the families that bought them.  I’m excited to have that many more cut options to share with customers during these last markets and during our winter delivery program.

As we transition into winter I’ll be picking less kale and feeding more calves.  Every day we get up and feel the responsibility of feeding the animals and ourselves.  Every day we keep going, really not sure what else we would do if we have the chance.

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