well deserved spring bounty

We are off to a bountiful season here at the farm.  The crew of Jason, Davis, Sutton, Lily, and I have been planting, tending, and harvesting in fine form.  Lee and Mark have been instrumental in spreading compost and general support.  We are doing very, very, well. As with any successful farm, as I was taught, there is more to do than we can keep up with, and for the most part, that’s how I seem to like it.

Havests have been fantastic, with all of our staples of arugula, spicy mix, lettuce mix, and baby kale having been at market for several weeks now.  Chard, adult kale bunches, early squash, cukes, bok choi, and spring onions help to round out the stand.

And at home we’ve been having fun with some new projects.

We’ve grafted tomatoes, that have moved beyond the above stage of careful razor blade work, and are now transplanted in the greenhouses.  We have personal bets on when they will over take the non-grafted tomatoes.  Feel free to inquire at market for updates!

Our freezers are full and our market van is often over flowing!  We’ve enjoyed seeing all of you at market and look forward to sharing the new harvest in the weeks to come.

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