Certified Organic. again. and, The greens floweth..

Committed Eaters,

This “average” spring, weather wise, has not brought us the glorious warm nights of 2010, but our early harvest is still looking good.  Very good.  The soil here on our new ground is treating us well, and a greenhouse helping to jumpstart healthy seedlings keeps us moving forward.

We’ll be at markets this week with arugula, spicy mix, micro shoots, fun jen (that chinese cabbage leaf that is delicious in young form) and perhaps some bok choi.  A good selection of meats and organic raw milk will fill the coolers.

Organic produce, too.  Certified Organic!  After a two year a pause, this year we decided to return to official form.  Our inspector was here last week and we got the green light to tag our produce with the language we’ve never drifted from in practice, but legally did not pay dues for.

We’ll see you soon in Rockland (Thursdays from 9am-12:30pm) and Portland (Saturdays from 7am-12pm).  We’ll be heading to Portland on Wednesdays starting in mid-June.  Come and start using your CSA credit, simply browse the greens, or sign-up for a share of the harvest (it’s not too late to join the CSA).

We’ll look forward to seeing you.

-Beth and crew

(ps: Our Sunflower Shoots are part of a pizza special at Flatbread this week.  The shoots, with their stand out nutty flavor, are under a layer of mozz and goat cheese with shitaki mushrooms and herbs on top.  I hear good things!  They’ll be on special until Friday).

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