Spring on the CSA

Farm Community,

Please remember to send in your payment for this year’s CSA Share.  Our community, your support, helps to make this farm run.  Expenses still remain very high this time of year, with no crop income.  It is the nature of farming, and the nature of your food supply.  I thank you for your support.

The start of seedling season, lambing, and the rush to finish new infrastructure before I want to be full time in the field, all drive the every day here at the farm.


Happy to say I now have a roof (mostly..), but sorry to lose this view.



Days do not feel long enough, and by evening I seldom have energy to take out the “to-do” list from my pocket and transcribe the new notes to the next day.  I move through my day with desires for efficiency and holding details, while also reminding myself that it is still March (I can say that for a little longer, right) and there is a long ways to go before next November’s darkness will draw me back inside.  Rushing a season is not necessarily helpful.

But I’m excited for the season.  I have a good crew of folks lined-up to share in this summer’s sunlight and plans for an abundance of crops.   I’m afraid I got a little too excited with my sweet potato and traditional spud orders.  There will be a lot of potatoes this fall!  There will be some exciting new additions to the greens line-up, and I’ve personally cultivated a new taste for hot peppers that might translate into extra spice at the farm stand.  The hearty root, salsify, is on the new crop list.  Inspired by a customer, I’ve order Lutz beet from every organic seed supplier I could find, in hopes of working toward restoring the traditional characteristics of this old variety.  I’ll plant them all, with curiosity about how the beets may look different, having come from different suppliers.  In my ideal, I’ll then save some roots from the strain I like best to grow out for seed in 2012.


Not long ago...



And then enter the pig-o-tiller!


Lambs a plenty.  A new barn that is as beautiful as functional.  Pigs that quickly pig-o-tilled the new tomato greenhouse and then have moved onto a new garden field space.  We are moving our way toward planting and looking forward to a return to markets in early May.

Looking forward to seeing you soon… and your friends and neighbors!   Please pass on this email!



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