January Winter, January Farm

As we prepare for this next growing season, we build, we plan, we have some fun in the snow, too.

The new barn is going up well.  You’re looking at a couple of the crook blades – beautiful oak – and a sidewall.. door frame to future walk-in cooler.  Floor above will be the foot-tapping space of future apprentices in their bedrooms and lounge space.

The winter oinkers continue to grow well on their diet of Maine barley, farm milk, and winter squash seconds.  Each morning I give them two five gallon buckets worth of frozen squash, and watch the show as they play squash botche, each picking their treat and then chomping away with full piggy excitement.  These girls and boys are exuberant eaters.  And, no, they don’t close their mouths when they chew.  It can sometimes get a little noisy in there!  Soon, in the next week or so, they’ll move to the new tomato greenhouse so they can work up that ground, despite being frozen, in preparation for our spring planting.

The wooly girls are mainly sitting around.  Lambs are due in March, so I suspect inside they are quite busy, nursing along this new life to be.

And as for farmer Beth?  Tis’ the season for me to be sitting at the desk far more than usual.  My days are often full of putting together the seed order, working on the book-keeping from 2010, and talking with potential apprentices.   Last year’s book-keeping from a fantastic growing season gives me confidence going into this new year, and I find I’m ordering more seeds than perhaps is necessary!  I’m also talking with a great range of potential apprentices and have started to put out offers, too. We are looking forward to a new community of eager folks for learning, growing, laboring.  The season is ripe with potential.

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