Happy New Year!

Lee, Zoe, and I look forward to a new year of welcoming people to our farm!

I’ve moved my farm venture back here to Newcastle, as some of you may remember as my farm lease four years ago.  But, this time around I’m making a permanent move, as this is my new and forever farm.  I’m planting the greenhouses, turning soil, and adding perennials knowing that this land is where I will now farm, forever, and always.  That is… unless I decide to retire to Vermont.  Ha!  I have many years of turning the soil in Newcastle, of living in this moment, before serious contemplating another step.  To make this decision even more real, and permanent, I’m building a barn…




Barn raising!  A true community event!  This traditional post and beam baby (Thank You Travis and Ben) will be home to apprentices, a second kitchen, veggie wash station extraordinaire, walk-in coolers, and some storage.  This photo was taken in the middle of November.  Since then, we’ve put on most of the first floor wall boarding, half of the second floor, floor boarding, and have prepared the roof for steel.  With a little push, and some good diligence, she’ll be done and ready for apprentices by mid-March.

The cows…

photo credit. K. for Horizon


Winter oinkers,

Wooly sheep,

And very fine veggies,


Judge's Award Striped Germans. (photo credit. K. Ronan)

All thank you for an incredibly successful 2010, and wish you a Happy New Year.  May it be a year with equal success in the field, development for the future, laughter, good eating, learning, and community building.  I look forward to it all.  (and, perhaps, more blogging too!)

Best to all!

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