May the Winter Writing (and Feasting) begin!

After a summer of long work hours, amazing harvests, and living fully in the stresses and beauties of the daily farm experience, I’m ready to slow down. That’s not to say that life on this here farm is ready to warrant a slow down just yet. Besides a fantastic growing season, there is other farm news.  I, the local itinerant farmer, is moving again.  This time the move will be a permanent one to Straw Farm (Strawalion? we are soliciting name suggestions) to be with my partner.  I’m setting down roots!  We’ve poured cement and a timber-framed barn will be raised in a few weeks.  Between readying a space for me on that land and cleaning up here in Washington, it is an understatement to say that there is a lot to do.

But this is also the harvest season and there is plenty to celebrate.  I’m taking more time to cook in my own kitchen.  Some of our favorite local restaurants are starting to highlight our produce too.  If you live locally, check out our neighbors pork and our veggies at Lily Bisto:

Pork and Local Veggie Featured Event at Lily Bistro, Rockland
This summer I’ve enjoyed strengthening our farm connection with many of our favorite southern Maine restaurant friends, too.  Evangeline in Portland has created a special event featuring our lamb and produce.  It should be a fun event, rich with good food and conversation:


We hope to see you at these two special feastings.  May the Fall harvest celebrations continue!

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