Winter CSA

Another season, another harvest.  We are putting together our collection of Roots and Fruits and Omnivore Additions for our fourth rendition of the Winter CSA. The carrots, potatoes, and winter squash are growing well.   Piggies are happily running through the woods and field.  Appleton Creamery is looking forward to sharing their cheese with us again.

Shares have sold out each of the past few years, so please reserve promptly to guarantee a space.  As always, don’t hesitate to be in touch with questions.

The one notable difference from years past:  we now are offering a half share (designed for one person, or two adults who don’t eat many vegetables) at the grand deal of $50 month.

Sign-up information follows (pretend it’s a brochure!).

Winter CSA Shares Available!

For the months of November and December, Dandelion Spring Farm puts together a collection of locally produced vegetables, fruit, meat, and cheese to fill your early winter pantry.  Shares are available for pick-up monthly in Rockland, Portland, and Washington.  There are two share types to choose from.

The Winter Roots and Fruits share contains root vegetables, hardy greens, and a sampling of Maine fruit.  Some crops will be available both months, and others you may only receive in November.  You may purchase a share designed for two produce loving adults, $200 for two months, or a half share for $100.

The Winter Omnivore Addition CSA is the meat and cheese compliment to your vegetable selection.  Each month you will receive a selection of pork, and mutton or lamb raised here at Dandelion Spring Farm, beef, eggs and raw milk from Straw Farm, and cheese from Appleton Creamery.  This share type costs $200 for two months.

Our farm decided to become independent and forgo our Organic certification two years ago.  Although we are not certified, we are strong in our belief of organic practices.  The farms that share our CSA collaborative are either Certified Organic or similarly  minded.

Shares sell out!  Please print and send in your card promptly to reserve your share of the winter harvest!





Please circle your options

Roots and Fruits:

1/2 share:  $100 total

Full share:  $200 total

Omnivore Addition:

November:  $100

December:  $100

Pick-up in:

Washington   Rockland   Portland

Send Payment to: Dandelion Spring Farm, 161 Liberty Rd, Washington, ME 04574

Questions?  Call Beth at 207.380.4199

Those of you familiar with our farmers’ market selection in Rockland and Portland know that our farm-stand has only produce we grow ourselves.  The Winter CSA is an exception.  There are some crops our soil is not conducive to growing well (onions, for example).  We purchase these from other like-minded growers.  Our Winter offering is a true Community Supported Agriculture share!

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