Belief Systems

I have a file card tucked into the pocket in our market van that reads “Talk about what you believe in.”  It originated as a reminder last year, during an event we organized to support the cause.  It came to mind today after I had an unexpected conversation with the driver of a semi truck that was delivering a new piece of farm equipment.  After we had the tool safely on the ground, he paused and looked at the contraption, a tool for weeding with lots of little tines, and asked me how many acres I had under cultivation.  He wanted to know where I marketed my product and I told him about farmers’ markets, restaurant sales, and the Community Supported Agriculture model.  He nodded, wanted more details, and then told me that he had heard about CSA type programs and was curious to try, but was afraid of getting too much broccoli or another vegetable he wasn’t as fond of.  Ten minutes later, and after my throwing out the “Know your farmer” motif, I think I may have had him convinced to try.  Back into his truck, he had a few more stops in Maine before heading home toward Pennsylvania.  I hope during those open miles he will continue to think about CSA models and becoming more connected to a farm in his community.  (Incidently, more info. about our CSA program can be found under the CSA tab).

Talking about what I believe in blog form is hard these days.  Observations and learnings race through my head, but I’ve been putting in long days and sitting at the computer for pleasure writing has not been part of it.  Early mornings are spent organizing the days list, making harvest plans and seeding notes. (There is a little mindless time of reading the paper online and drinking coffee, too.)   I’m outside by 6:00am, and with the crew by 6:30am.  We work together for about 12 hours.. planting, harvesting, marketing… hoping for more time to weed and more customers to buy our greens.  I then deal with odds and ends for an hour before dinner; tilling up beds to plant the next day, putting tools away, caring for our pigs, sheep, and chickens.  Group dinner has been delightful and efficient.  We’ve spent all day together so our conversation often is not overly involved.  By 8:15 I’m usually back in the field for another 45 minutes of daylight.

I feel like I’m pushing both ends.. and some days I really feel it in my body.  But, I believe in the work we are doing and I’m motivated by wanting to create a good experience for the crew, wanting to provide food for our community, and by conversations like the one I had with the truck driver this afternoon.  We all need to eat.  We all deserve to eat well.  I’m going to do my best to keep working to make that happen… and remember to talk about it.

  1. What a great post. What you believe in and your passion comes through in your words. We all deserve to eat well so thank you for your efforts to make that happen.

  2. I am Kate Ronan’s mom and she send me the blog. Growing up on a dairy farm and my Dad was more into dairy than vegetables but we had a good life working hard all the time. I have not seen Kate so excited about life in a while and just wanted to say Thank You. She has been interested in organic food, eating healthy, etc. and I believe you have given her something to strive for and she does like the physical work also – must take after her mother. You are a great individual.

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