Turning Rye into Chocolate Cake

After a Spring season of the somewhat common phrase “steel in the field” playing a tune in my head each time I passed the heaps of scrapped greenhouse frame, it is delightful to be able to sing that little phrase with joy as I plow with a newly acquired two bottom John Deere (?) 3-pt hitch plow!
My dear old trailer plow, that I did love (as would anyone feel for a piece of equipment they bought at an auction for a fraction of what they expected to pay, AND it allowed them turn over their own soil), lost a piece of itself in the field last fall that I haven’t been able to find a replacement for.
With no success of finding the part, the new plow entered the story.  This new plow not only does twice as much work per pass of the field, it doesn’t need me to use my full body strength to yank on a rope to raise and lower it’s working part.  Hurrah!

And there are few things in the daily and seasonal farm experiences that I love more than turning a beautiful cover crop over into delicious layers of chocolate cake soil.

The birds eye (tractor seat) view of the new beauty.

Why is the rye considered chocolate cake?  When the moisture content is right, the plow adjustments fine tuned, and travel speed perfected, as the soil turns over it looks like luscious, rich, layers of chocolate cake.  As the rye breaks down in the soil it will add nitrogen and other needed nutrients to our growing crops.  Some farms would use commercial fertilizer for this.  We use nature.. we are feeding the soil to then feed ourselves, and I can’t think of much cake that is richer than that.

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