Spring Growth

Here at the farm it is always wonderful to see the emergence of new life during the spring.  This year, record warmth has brought a jump-start to the season.  Instead of wondering when I’m going to see the ground, instead I’m thinking about how early I’ll be on it.  Soon, I think.

twin set #3

Garlic planted in mid-October (traditionally on Columbus day) will be ready in August

The ewes are doing well this lambing season.   It is a pleasure (and big distraction) to watch the bouncing babes in the lamb yard.

While rebuilding the greenhouse has taken time away from other projects I could be doing, I still feel like we are well set-up for the season.  We have a lot of seeds planted in trays, that will no doubt take off once they move from the basement and marginally heated greenhouse space, to the new beauty.  Hopefully this will take place next weekend.

Once this wind stops blowing the plastic will go on, the heater re-installed, and the doors re-hung and we are good to go.

And every farmers dream – we are going into summer with extra firewood and piles of compost waiting for us.  Nearly 100 yards of well composted cow manure and bedding were delivered this week.  It is full of beautiful red worms, aged, and ready to go.  It is on our list to start spreading within the next 10 days.

The pleasures of raising food continue.

As always, Eat Well,


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