New Greenhouse Ordered!

Waiting for the CSA roll call?

Many thanks to the wonderful CSA community that helped to meet our goal of getting 50 CSA shares in one week.  The goal was reached thanks to some folks who purchased shares from circles outside of our delivery area, donating their produce purchases to local families who can use the support.  Thank you!  Thank you!

It’s not too late to buy your share for the 2010 season! Become part of the Dandelion Spring CSA network!  Have the benefit of knowing one farm and supporting a local piece of agriculture more directly than you would through random farmers’ market purchases, and still have the power to choose what you want to eat and when you want it!  The CSA tab with all the info. you need lives on…

And on to more interesting news:  the new greenhouse(s!) have been ordered and should have been shipped last Friday!  In lieu of our former large house we’ve ordered one smaller house (28 x 48) that we will heat and dedicate strictly to seedlings.  A 17 x 96 foot house will replace the tomato growing ground lost in the larger house.  This greenhouse should be fairly simple to put up and give us some sturdy under-plastic space for the tomatoes.  More of our temporary pvc houses will give added under-plastic space for some of the other heat lovin’ beauties (eggplant, peppers, basil, a few early sunflowers for fun).

Many thanks to Jones and Co. Building and Design for the unbelievably efficient deconstruction.  I only got one photo because the process was going so quickly and smoothly!

Part of Jones and Co. helps deconstruct

I can attest to the fact that this crew builds houses as cleanly and efficiently as they take part greenhouse structures.  Live in the Mid-coast area and need some rehab or new construction?  Call: Michael Jones: 323-0780

And as we rebuild and clean-up we are also tending new life.  Lambs from our small flock have arrived and are doing really well.

This year marked a big change in the flock, as I retired the older Cotswold ewes and bred yearlings that had previously been living on a Maine island.  These new girls are incredibly independent mothers, which brings more peace of mind and sleep to this farmer!

We now have seedlings under way, a new mini-mini greenhouse in mid-construction to tide us over until the arrival of the new beauties, more clean-up to do, and all the usual spring stuff that I had left not anticipating big building projects this year.  Equipment to repair, etc.  The sun is now fully up and I’m typing faster as I write about all the farm tasks pulling my attention!

Keep those CSA memberships coming!  I hope to be at market by Mid-May!

Eat Well,


  1. Aunt Nancy,
    Thanks for the message and the blog following! I aspire to write more… I aspire to do a lot of things more!
    It was nice to see you last May as well. I’m sorry that you, Pat, and my mother didn’t stay longer during your visit. Perhaps next time I can entice all of your to come for a meal.
    How are you? Did I hear correctly that you are considering a move south? I hope all is well with you and your family.

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