Urgent CSA Action Needed!

Dear Farm Community,

The farm needs your help.  Please bring the “Community” to Community Supported Agriculture by supporting the farm today.

The challenge:  50 CSA memberships of $200 by March 7th.                       Yes, folks, that is in 7 days.

Last night in this area there was a high wind recording of 90 mph and rainfall up to 7″.  This in combination with already sodden ground and living on a hill-top brought disaster to the primary greenhouse on the farm.  Our 30×100 beauty now looks like a giant twisted spider.

This is the greenhouse that is supposed to be home to our seedlings and early greens.  It is urgent that we rebuild right away.

This twisted steel pipe is about 1.5" in diameter and 20' long. I have no idea how it managed to become a pretzel.

We are still paying the tolls on the 2009 rains that brought disaster to a huge percentage of our crops.  This has left precious few dollars in the farm bank account for start-up this year, which already had this farmer worried.  I was counting on selling early seedlings and for a fantastic early greens harvest to help get us through some major start-up expenses.  Now, we have lost that potential, as well as the added cost of a new house to build.

Don’t forget, despite last season’s blues, we had a fantastic selection at the farmers’ markets and had our second highest year of gross sales yet (I remind you this says nothing of expenses).  WE can still have a fantastic 2010 year!   Regardless of challenge, this farmer can produce, but I need your help!

This is what we need!

Timing is everything!

Please look at the CSA Info. tab.  Print out a postcard from below.

Mail it with your check today!

For those of you who live in the  Midcoast and Portland areas, your CSA investment can easily be returned to you at the Rockland and Portland Farmers’ markets.  For those of you who do not live in these areas and want to support the farm, please indicate as much on your card and the value of your membership will be gifted to a low-income family or food bank.

Don’t hesitate to call or email with questions.  380-4199;  Dandelionspringfarm@gmail.com

-Farmer Beth

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