Mar 30

What is the theoretical framework behind what we do?  Mission statement of purpose?  How do we hold ourselves accountable to be living in right relationship to our values?

Apr 14

I’ve allotted myself just 20 minutes to sputter out these words.  I’ve put on my calendar that I’d like to share information on this virtual connection to the farm at least twice a month this season.  

Aug 04

This feels like summer.  Friday’s harvest had me looking at a piles of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and basil.  The greens selection has become a simple to-do item at the start of our harvest list, rather than monopolizing the entire morning. 

May 02

Many of our customers are surprised to learn about the life cycle of our parsnips, which arrived on our stand this year in early April. We overwinter these special roots to obtain a richer, sweeter flavor. The story begins the last week of May...

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