Thank you for a fantastic summer season!  Despite dry weather, an excellent farm crew and your generous purchases kept us going strong.  I think our crop diversity, quality, and the overall field health has never been better. 

Market transition!

    On Farm! This is the last week for the farm stand (Wednesday 4pm-6pm)  For future weeks, you can pre-order from our google doc system and pick-up at the farm from 3pm-6pm.  Look for the order list at the Shop Now link on our homepage. The links will be live starting next Monday.  ** The monthly Bee at the farm is canceled for this week.  It is simply too chilly for nimble fingers!

    Rockland!  Last week for the market – Thursday 8:30am – 1pm.  We'll deliver to town on a regular basis through the winter.  Calendar and location still in process.

    Portland! We never leave.  We'll be at the outdoor market through Nov. 20th, and then find us inside starting Dec. 3rd

Herbal Fall-Winter Remedy Box.

We love herbs and are trying to make them more accessible for you.  Many of the herbal allies we grow at the farm have a focus on respiratory care.  We're offering a special Fall collection that will aid you in health and healing during these winter months when we often battle colds and bronchial challenges.  Packages will be available for pick-up and delivery in late November.   $100

Boxes include : tinctures, elecampane honey, fire cider, tulsi and sage soap, herbal rub (think Vicks vapor rub), cough syrup, and informational booklet.

Please email Beth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to pre-order your box.  Or phone or text : 380-4199


This season another batch of Certified Organic Turkeys are chirping away on our front lawn.  They make the best sounds, and they are delicious!

They are $4.50/lb.   We are guessing they'll weigh in at the 20-30lb range (somehow we managed to get all toms this year - big boys).  

Pick-up will be Saturday, 19th: in Portland (Deering Oaks, 7am - 1pm)
                                               Tuesday, 22nd: in Rockland (evening - place TBD)
                                               Tuesday 22nd, or   Wednesday 23rd : at the farm, Newcastle (3pm – 6pm)

Please be in touch to pre-order your bird.  

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