The expanded program, Fire and Farm, will draw potters from across the country to participate in an internship program focused on developing ceramic arts and introducing potters to farming.

This will be the third year Dandelion Spring is participating in the program with its neighbor, Watershed, Center for Ceramic Arts. The program drew students from just a handful on universities whose professors were central in getting the program off the ground. Due to the success of the program and positive feedback from participants, the program is expanding to reach a wider audience of ceramics students.

From the soil

Fire and Farm is open to ceramics arts students who come to Watershed for a work-study exchange during the summer months. Participants spend a few hours at the farm each week day, working alongside our apprentices and crew in the daily work of vegetable farming. They get their hands dirty in the clay and other tasks at Watershed, and then in the soil and with the food at Dandelion Spring.



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