We're trying to operate as an efficient business, share the wealth of our food with you, and be kind to ourselves as farmers. Our systems and business are evolving.

Here's how to find get our food over the next two months.

  • Portland folks: We're at the farmers' market every Saturday except Nov. 25th (the one Saturday of the year the market is closed!). You may also order the below option.

  • Newcastle Pick-up: For a one time fee of $175 you may order a box of vegetables for pick-up Nov. 1st, 8th, 15th, and 29th, as well as December 6th and 20th the farm. A few of the boxes will be bigger in size than others. We'll balance the boxes with as much diversity as we can, given the season. Order using the following link. Order ASAP! ideal deadline is October 30th.

  • Rockland folks: We're delivering to the Steel House at 711 Main St. in Rockland on November 15th, December 6th and 20th. There is a one time cost of $125.  Order using the following link. Order deadline is November 13th.

The perspective of food - Every day I handle red, gold, and pink beets, purple and golden turnips, small dense potatoes, and crisp purple and green cabbages and marvel at the color and heft of this food. I feel so lucky to have so many healthy calories at my finger tips. I balance this by eating a ridiculous about of pork fat and whole milk, and I feel sated.

We look forward to sharing these offerings with you over the next week weeks.  We'll be in touch about later winter plans as they develop.

- Beth and crew


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