Please join us at the farm this Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm for our monthly Bee at the Farm! gathering.  It is an opportunity to slow down, use your hands, and practice a craft that you are either familiar enough to do with your eyes closed or learn a new skill.  We value community and being together in a purposeful way.  Bring your own project and folding chair (if available).

When I first started farming it was under the auspices of learning how to be involved in the creation of everything I need.  I dreamed of learning a new skill each year on my way to self sufficiency.  Through much of my adult life I have participated in creating much of what I need, but have also created a busy life where it is easy to fall on the ease of stores and others to fill some of my niches.  Regardless, a store can never fill my need for community.  And my hands always like to be busy.  A full confessional:  During our earlier Bees of the season, I've often been pulled by the need to attend our Wednesday farm stand or other farm business, but the energy of the small gathering at the other end of the barn has always felt good.  I look forward to watching the energy of this gathering grow over time and participating more fully myself as the season slows.  Please join us!

Hand in hand with crafting, is preserving one's own food for winter.  With the unusual heat of the summer, this season's tomatoes came in earlier than normal and have been flying off the farm stand.  We do have some 2nd's available for canning.  Here are a few options for you to pre-order.  Supply is limited; we'll pack orders in order they were received.

  • Mix of tomatoes that are soft or with cracks : 10 lbs for $15, 20 lbs for $30
  • Red Slicers, firm and beautiful : 20 lbs for $50
  • San Marzano paste tomatoes, classic : 10 lbs for $30, 20 lbs for $60
  • Cherry tomatoes, mix of colors and sizes (some people love these for ketchup or salsa) : 10lbs for $55

To order, please email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call/text 207.380.4199



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