Seasonal transitions and traditions. Our Wednesday farm stand opens this week from 4pm – 6pm. Everyone is welcome! No pre-order or CSA share required. Simply show up! Walk around the farm, say hello to the animals and shop for vegetables, meats, milk & eggs.

May Pole at 5pm, Wed., May 18

Writing during the middle of May, I'm feeling a little sad that we didn't host a May Day party this year to celebrate Beletane, the right of Spring. Better late than never, this Wednesday we'll have the ribbons up on the flag pole and hope for a crowd to assemble around 5pm so we can simply dance and weave the ribbons around. This circling of our spirit is part of a celebration to send good energies to the cattle on pasture and crops for their growth, as we also acknowledge the light (half way between the equinox and solstice) and this special time for growth in the fields.

“How has the Spring been?”

There are so many different ways we mark the seasons. I can look at photos of when we first put out the cows last year, or of the first lilac blooms, and see how we compare. When I was a child, the Unitarian Universalist church we attended would have members call to the secretary's answering machine when they first heard the peepers. Those who sent the first message in would then hold the coveted sculpture of a gold peeper for the rest of the year. I think this tradition instilled in me the idea of listening during the Spring time, knowing that sounds are just as important a sign of wake-up as layers of clothing or lack of snow on the ground. We are always looking and listening as we feel our way into the new year.

At the farm our vantage on “How has the Spring been?” is a little more nuanced. I track first Spring planting dates and watch for when the dandelions bloom (signifying soil that is 50 F). We count back weeks on the calendar until our markets open up, and try to gauge how much we harvest from the greenhouses accordingly. The challenge is to have enough product for all of our markets from the greenhouses and storage to hold us over with good diversity until we start to harvest from outside.

Still Openings for SNAP CSA

Timing and our intentions don't always hold up. We've just cleared the greenhouses of most of their winter greens to start the process of prepping soil and plant summer crops – tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and basil are the summer counterpart to the home of our winter spinach, lettuce heads, mustard bunches and kales. It's a continual circling of trying to make best use of space and hope for a never-ending season of harvests.

We are feeling our bounty and good fortune of diverse spring harvests - fresh carrots that were seeded in last October are full sized and delicious, monster scallions, bok choi, unbelievable arugula. 

We've extra spots in our Food For All - low income access food boxes that are just $125 (total cost) for the summer season for those who receive SNAP benefits. 

Contact Jenny at 380-9837 to sign up!

Rockland Market Opens This Week

The Rockland market opens for the season this Thursday and runs from 8:30am – 1pm at Harbor Park.

And the Portland market continues on – this will already be our 4th week outside. Thus far this season the market has felt incredibly full of energy and product diversity. Find us at the Deering Ave end of this beautiful market in the park.

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