Dandelion Spring and Straw's Farm are seeking farmers to join us for the 2017 season!

We are seeking farmers to join us for the 2017 season!

Our crew will look like 3-4 employees paid hourly who commute to the farm and 4 apprentices, along with Beth and Lee and the dairy crew.

In 2017 our apprentice season will run from April 3rd - Nov. 17th, but we are open to continuing the work/learning commitment into the next season for apprentices who’d like to transition to hourly employees and gain more responsibility.

We are a business.  We’ve learned that individuals with prior farm experience are the best candidates to work with us – although we respect that everyone needs to have their first farm job some where!  A reasonable level of physical fitness and experience working outside are important.

Apprentice positions are geared toward the vegetable portion of the Dandelion Spring – Straw Farm team.  Our primary focus is seven acres of garden space that is home to salad greens, a diversity of herbs, tomatoes, and squash, although we do raise the full harvest basket of produce.

All employees experience a full spectrum of farm life, although some apprentices find a degree of specialization is helpful. Some areas that apprentices have chosen to focus more intensely on are:

    •   seedling management
    •   cultivation
    •   micro greens production
    •   csa program administration
    •   marketing

We sell our produce at the Rockland and Portland farmers’ markets and to several mid-coast and southern Maine restaurants.  We welcome CSA shares for pick-up at the farmers’ markets during the heart of the growing season, and offer a winter CSA that comes as a more traditional farm packed option. 

In 2017 we look forward to incorporating more biodynamic methods into our farming, taking our mechanical cultivation to the next level, adding cover crop rotations on a micro-scale within marketable crops, and improving our general animal-vegetable dance.

For a more complete apprentice opportunity description you can read our listing on the MOFGA site.  We are code Lincoln 21.

Please contact us for apprentice and CSA information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Beth Schiller, 207.380.4199
Dandelion Spring Farm, 30 Brick Hill Rd, Newcastle, ME 04553

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