A diversity of produce

The heart of Dandelion Spring Farm is our community of people who work together, and our primary purpose is to raise seven acres of vegetables. All of our vegetables are MOFGA Certified Organic.

We grow a diversity of produce, filling your basket with many crops from arugula to zucchini!

We strive to grow vegetables that are nutrient dense.

To do this we focus on:

  • Soil: By working to create a healthy soil structure, rich in accessible minerals, our produce will correspondingly be rich in vitamins and minerals. We are what we eat, and plants are a product of their environment. Creating a healthy environment will create healthy plants.


  • Timely harvests: For each hour the sun is up, plants are working to maintain their structure and nutrition. We start our harvest early in the morning, beginning with the leafy crops, picking produce while it is at it's peak nutrition. Additionally, we aim to harvest produce when it is small, believing that young crops are those that have the greatest nutrient density. Lastly, once harvested we cool our produce quickly and then wash and store it at optimum temperatures to preserve the nutrients we so carefully harvested.


  • A home based nutrient system: With the gift of farming on land in relationship with a diversity of livestock, we are able to get most of the nutrients we need from our own farm system. We harvest grasses to feed the livestock, and in turn use what they can't digest to make rich compost to return to the land.


  • Biodynamics: We do believe strongly in the energies that are bigger than ourselves and the small circle with which we farm in. Just as the moon in continually cycling overhead and the tide coming in and out, we are aware of larger natural influences that are impacting our vegetable crops. Biodynamics is a system of farming that was given langague to by Rudolph Steiner in 1924. We are following some biodynamic practices as one method to incorporate larger natural rhythms into the health of our crops.


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