We are one of a small handful of farms in Maine that raises Certified Organic Pork. We buy Certified Organic piglets from Misty Brook Farm in Albion when they are approximately eight weeks old. The pigs stay on our farm for about six months. At the farm the pigs always have access to plenty of space to run and Certified Organic grain from Morrison's Custom feeds in Vermont. Our butchering is done, also according to Certified Organic standards, at Herring Brothers in Guilford.

We've chosen to raise Certified Organic pork because it the only way we can guarantee that our meat is GMO free. This costs us two-three times more than raising conventional pork would be. You'll find that our pork does cost more at the market, but by percentage not as much as our greater expense.  We are doing our best to keep healthy meat accessible to as many people as possible. And, we think it is delicious! We hope you do, too!

If you'd ever like us to hold a particular cut for you at market, don't hesitate to be in touch.

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