Medicinal and Culinary

Several years ago Beth realized that she felt the most at peace and connected in the garden while harvesting the herbs. In particular, the Tulsi basil spoke to her. It didn't take much formal learning to understand the deeper riches of the spirit of Tulsi and the other herbs.

Medicinal and culinary herbs have a lost place at most kitchen tables. We strive to grow an increasing diversity of these plants and help to make them both familiar and accessible to our customers. Part of this familiarity is simply encouraging our community to come and sit with the herbs.

In Formation

Some of our herbs are planted in a formal row style to encourage ease of harvest, while others are being allowed to slowly naturalize to our space.

The larger purpose of the herbs in our lives and at the farm isn't currently understood in a way where we can put a new business plan on the table. We do know that we feel good around these plants; Beth notices that the tenure of conversation seems to change while we are in the herb garden. We will continue to watch and be patient and mindful as our relationship with these important plants grows.

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