The heart of Dandelion Spring Farm is our community of people who work together, and our primary purpose is to raise seven acres of vegetables. All of our vegetables are MOFGA Certified Organic.

Medicinal and culinary herbs have a lost place at most kitchen tables. We strive to grow an increasing diversity of these plants and help to make them both familiar and accessible to our customers.

Our Jersey heifers are colorful characters who produce the finest milk around. We provide raw organic milk for our community through the Straw's Farm label and distribute nationally though Horizon Organic.

We are one of a small handful of farms in Maine that raises Certified Organic Pork. We've chosen to raise Certified Organic pork because it the only way we can guarantee that our meat is GMO free.

We raise organic broiler chickens for meat, maintain a large flock of free range layer hens, and offer organic turkeys for Thanksgiving day pre-order sales.

Lee Straw of Straw's Farm is perhaps best known as a shepherd. He is a master sheep shearer and has maintained a flock in Newcastle and on an island in Penobscot Bay.

You are welcome to place an order for vegetables, meat, milk, eggs and other products through our online order forms during the winter months. You can also use the form for meat throughout the year, if you have special requests.

During the winter, items may be picked up at the farm every Wednesday from 3pm-5pm. You can also pick up pre-orders at the Portland Farmers' Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm.  We deliver to Rockland approximately twice a month to the Steel House on 711 Main St. from 4pm-6pm.  The dates of each month’s deliveries are on the order form.

During the heart of the growing season, please come to one of our markets to find our freshly picked selection!  To find out more about our summer markets, go to the Our Markets website selection.

Link here for the winter vegetable, herb, dairy & egg  ORDER FORM.
Link here for the Meat ORDER FORM.


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