Lee Straw and Beth Schiller each had their own farm before they came together as a couple.

Now the farms operate on the same property but maintain two business names, both collaboration and independence. Lee is of the Straw's farm and Beth of the Dandelion Spring.

Vegetables and a whole lot more

At Dandelion Spring, raising seven acres of mixed vegetables is the base of our heavy lifting. We specialize in mixed salad greens of many types, but enjoy the full compliment of vegetable crops, growing most everything you can think of except corn. We get sparkly eyed over heirloom varieties and other unusual types of seed stock, although also rely on a hearty list of hybrid favorites to assure a good harvest of melons, beans, etc. in this challenging garden climate. We are very interested in Biodynamic methods, and are slowly working toward incorporating more of them into our practice.

We don’t limit ourselves to vegetables. Tending a small sheep flock, pigs, and the spoiled home chicken flock has been a staple of the Dandelion Spring operation for many years. Our meat selection, of farm raised pork, lamb, and beef, is becoming an increasing staple at the farmers’ market stand.

Straw Farm has it’s economic roots in a MOFGA Certified Organic herd of Jersey cows.  Thirty girls are milked twice a day.  Milk is shipped every-other day to Horizon Organic and bottled here at home with the Straw Farm label for deliveries to stores in Midcoast and Southern Maine.  You can also find the milk at the Dandelion Spring farmers’ market stands.

Despite the twice daily ties of milking cows, Lee is more commonly known for his history as a shepherd. We have about 50 ewes that lamb each March at the farm, and another 100 ewes that lamb in May on an island in Penobscot bay.  Because vegetables, dairy cows, and sheep aren’t enough to overflow our plate, we have laying hens, too. The eggs from our 1000 girls go to natural food stores in the Midcoast.

As busy farmers, at this time we have chosen not to have a home store, but we do enjoy sharing the farm with you during on-farm Wednesday pick-up nights. "Follow" us on our Facebook page, or subscribe to our newsletter for announcements about upcoming farm events.

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